Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Let's Talk Bread

As you all know all forms of wheat, barely and rye must be avoided if you are to live a gluten free life.

So have you found a bread that you like or just love? Let me tell you that I have found the best bread I have ever tasted in a long time. And let me also state that I have been looking for a long time. But as you know the gluten free industry has come a long way in the ten years or so since I was diagnosed. I am truly grateful for the many manufacturers out there that supply the wheat free, gluten free products to those of us who have Celiac or are gluten intolerant. If it weren't for them I would still be trying to make it myself.

Anyway, the best bread I have found so far is: 'Against the Grain the gluten free Gourmet' Baguettes. Their website is http://www.againstthegraingourmet.com/ . The company resides in Vermont. I say 'Cheers' to their delicious baguette! I found it at a small store in Rhode Island that I frequent when visiting my son. It's the best thing since Italian bread. You must seek this company out and try it yourself.

Second best is 'Foods by George English Muffins' they are so soft on the inside and crispy on the outside after toasting. Their brownies are also rich and chocolaty too!

Third best is sliced bread by 'Food for Life' they have many varieties such as Millet, Rice Almond, Raisin Pecan, White Rice, Brown Rice just to name a few. They also carry Whole Grain Brown Rice Tortillas as well as Whole Kernel Corn Tortillas.

Well I'm sure you have your favorites as well. Let me know by voting in my poll.

I wish you all a gluten free life.

I am grateful that you stopped by today.

Live a Gluten Free Life!

Joan Gosselin

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Live A Gluten Free Life

Live A Gluten Free Life today is alot easier than it was when I was diagnosed more than ten years ago. The resources online are abundant and easily obtained. Many people also blog about it and many have created Squidoo Lenses on the many aspects of the disease.

Books are also plentiful as well. There are many recipe books that contain recipe that are easy to prepare to the more involved using many different flours. I prefer the simple and basic recipes but I have yet to come across a great pizza crust recipe. I am still searching.

I often ordered food on Internet sites in the very beginning because I had no idea where to shop. Once I discovered a support group which supplied me with the stores that had the wheat-free gluten-free items. Costly to say the least. But definitely something that I needed.

Lacking in the food selection is a good ICE CREAM. However, breads, frozen entrees, and pasta are favorable. Cereal, I usually stay with one kind until I find something new.

I highly recommend Shelley Case's book: Gluten-Free Diet, A comprehensive Resource Guide. Shelly is a dietitian. This book is especially good for the newly diagnosed patient. In it she has charts and describes the different types of flours that are safe to use.

In addition she discusses how to read labels, which is very important to every celiac patient who wants to live a gluten free life.

She also includes a variety of recipes including dairy and non-dairy beverages that are safe for a gluten free life. Among the recipes she includes an extensive list of companies who make gluten free products along with their contact information.

To live a gluten free life one must make sure to avoid cross contamination at home as well as outside of the home. Shelly points this out with some tips to help you with living a gluten free life safely at home and away. Examples include: storing gluten free products separately and including labeling containers with gluten free stickers. Buying the squeeze bottles of all condiments. Toast your breads separately and be sure to wipe the racks before and after toasting. Using separate pots and pans is another example of keeping your foods gluten free.

I rate this book the tops because it is very comprehensive and good for the newbie and veteran celiac patient.

I wish you all a gluten free life.

I'm grateful that you stopped by my blog today.

Live A Gluten Free Life!

Joan Gosselin